Shaping Our Future

Climate Change

Goal 1 of the RGS is to: Prepare for Climate Change and Reduce Energy Consumption
Watch this video to find out how you can help achieve this goal by improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Transportation Choices

Goal 3 of the RGS is about: Coordinating Land Use and Mobility
Watch the next two videos to see how transportation alternatives like car sharing and riding a bike is possible when enough people live close to each other and to where they work, shop, learn and play

Affordable Housing

Goal 6 of the RGS is to: Facilitate the Provision of Affordable Housing
Watch this video to understand how the RGS supports having a variety of affordable housing types located in growth centres with easy access to services, jobs, schools and transit. This video also highlights the work of Habitat for Humanity who help make home ownership more accessible for those with low to median incomes.

Food Security

Goal 8 of the RGS is to: Enhance Food Security
Watch this video to understand how growth management is an essential part of protecting land needed for growing food in our region.

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