Shaping Our Future
Changes Reflected in the 2011 RGS

The RDN initiated a comprehensive review of the RGS in 2007 which included extensive public engagement during 2008-2009. Based on the input received from the public, RDN Board and member municipalities, four broad areas for improvement were identified:

  • Implementation,
  • Sustainability principles,
  • Strengthening existing policies, and
  • Expanding the content of the RGS to address a broader range of sustainability challenges.
Within these four areas, the new 2011 RGS includes the following changes aimed at meeting the sustainability challenges facing the region:
  1. A set of clearly stated sustainability principles.
  2. A clear and transparent process for considering and making changes to the RGS.
  3. More detail on how the RGS is to be implemented, including regular public reporting on progress made in moving toward RGS goals.
  4. Direction for the RDN and its member municipalities on their roles in:
    1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy use, and improving air quality.
    2. Supporting the provision of affordable housing.
    3. Supporting farming and food production.
    4. Coordinating land use planning with transportation planning.
    5. Determining how designated growth areas will be serviced.
    6. Coordinating sustainable economic development with land use planning, transportation planning and planning for utility infrastructure.
    7. Creating complete, compact communities.
    8. Providing education and awareness activities that will support and explain the RGS and its sustainability objectives.
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