Shaping Our Future
RGS Vision

The region will be recognized for an outstanding quality of urban and rural life that is grounded in a strong commitment to protecting the natural environment and minimizing harm to life-sustaining ecological systems. Working in partnership with interested organizations, the RDN and its member municipalities are committed to achieving:

  • High standards of environmental protection that preserve habitat, enhance ecological diversity, and maintain air and water quality;

  • Enhanced food security in the region;

  • Urban development that is contained and distinct in form and character from rural development ;

  • Complete, compact communities designed to provide housing that meets the needs of all households, and that provide excellent access to nearby workplaces, goods and services, learning institutions, recreation opportunities, and natural areas;

  • Expansion and enhancement of mobility options that reduce automobile dependency;

  • A strong and resilient economy based on agriculture, natural resource assets, tourism, and information age industries and services, such as health and education;

  • Efficient, state-of-the-art servicing, infrastructure and resource utilization.
RGS Sustainability Principles

The goals and policies of the Draft Regional Growth Strategy are grounded in sustainability principles. These principles weave through all of the goals and policies to create a framework intended to guide decision-making regarding the future life of the region - resulting in actions and decisions that are mutually-supportive and that as a whole will move the region towards a more sustainable way of life.

The Regional Growth Strategy is based on the following sustainability principles:

  • Decisions and actions have regard for local and global consequences

  • The interconnectedness and interdependence of natural and human systems are recognized and respected

  • The healthy functioning of ecological systems is nurtured

  • The qualities of place that create pride and a sense of community are nurtured

  • Efficiency, including the concept of zero-waste, is optimized

  • Equity amongst all citizens and across generations, including future generations is ensured

  • Decision-making processes are based on participation, collaboration and co-operation with citizens, other authorities and organizations

  • We are accountable for our decisions and actions
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